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ATTENTION: Maintenance Items Needs and Repairs at Edmund Burke Academy

Maintenance Items, Needs, and Repair issues at Edmund Burke Academy
Contact the School Office if you can help with these listed items.

(Updated August 20, 2019)
Completed Maintenance Items, Needs, and Repair Issues
  • Roof sealed in Gym/ lunchroom/Classroom to address present leaks in classrooms, library, gym classrooms & lunchroom.(Completed AUG 2019)
  • Paint swing set (Completed AUG 2019)
  • Paint lettering on front of main building (Completed AUG 2019)

Work in Progress Maintenance Items, Needs, and Repair issues
  • Repair collapsed roof on catwalk playground hall (Work in Progress AUG 2019)
  • Repair or replace all outside security lighting (Work in Progress AUG 2019)
  • Place new Scott Athletic Complex sign (Work in Progress AUG 2019)
  • Place new Scott Athletic Complex sign (Work in Progress AUG 2019
  • Replacement of all classroom A/C units (Approx. 40 units) as they go out over next 5 years (Work in Progress)
  • Repair and or replace gutter system around school. (Work in Progress)
  • Replace all current bulbs with LED bulbs as they go out (Work in Progress)
  • Replace ceiling lighting in gym (Work in Progress)
  • Plant 4 Lg. oak trees (20 ft. plus) in Elementary playground (Work In Progress)
  • Monkey bars on playground (Work in  Progress)
  • Replace white buses and look to replace both in next 5 years (Work in  Progress)

 Maintenance Items, Needs, and Repair Issues To Be Completed
  • Repair and paint gazebo on pump house on playground
    Repair broken tile border along lunchroom floor (1 year )
     Replace ceiling tile in Boys home and visiting locker rooms (1 year
  • Paint exterior of the main building and gym (Next 2 years)
  • Paint boys/girls bathroom elementary wing (Next 2 years)
  • Paint interior hallways and classrooms (Next 3 years)
  • Update and replace flooring in teacher’s lounge (Next 3 years)Remodel faculty bathroom and replace flooring (Next 3 years)
  • Remodel boys/girls bathrooms high school wing (Next 3 years)
  • Replace flooring in main building with tile or carpet (Next 5 years) •
  • Replace flooring in all classrooms as needed (Next 5 years)
  • Replace chain link fence around elementary playground
  • New tables in Computer Lab (When available)
  • Replace lighting classroom hallways

This updated list illustrates some of the current challenges EBA faces and the focus of the Headmaster and the Board of Directors in management of the facility. As you can see, there areCompleted Items, Work in Progress items, and To Be Completed Items. 
This is where we need your help! As with any maintenance, there will be some unforeseen repairs in the future which will come up that will have to be paid for immediately. However, this list and all other challenges can be overcome the EBA way -  TOGETHER.