NOTES form Q & A Session SEPTEMBER 5 with Chairman and Vicechairman

Notes from Q & A session 9/5/2018 with Chairman and Vicechairman
• Naming of softball field in honor of Col. Moore
• Be more specific on notes from board meetings
• Creation of a repair and maintenance list of items at the school so support groups can focus fundraising for these items
• Adhere to punch list for sporting events to ensure flag, prayer, anthem etc.
• Have “ All Call “ prior to next Q & A session so all are aware
• Address issues with softball team
• Opt out option from fundraising at registration
• End magazine sales fundraiser
• Student teacher ratio discussion
• General discussion about financial position of the school and exchange ideas on how best to ensure school stays in a solid position.
• All attendees in favor of $150 “ Building Assessment “ instead of magazine sale
• Scrimmage with Burke county softball
• Middle school football – tests given after game day
• Establish outside fundraising source by hiring company or consultant
• Money from graduating classes left to school and establish cap on class fundraising
• Replacement of batting cage destroyed in storm
• Create enrollment team to create ideas to address enrollment

This was a positive meeting with lots of exchanging of ideas between the attendees and the board members. This list is a highlight of some items discussed and will be addressed at the next board meeting.