August 3rd - Fall Sports Picture Schedule

Picture Schedule for
Fall Sports
August 3, 2018

FYI: All Coaches need to have an individual made inside.

8:30 Softball on the field -- then inside for individual pictures

        Sr Group (Cheer, Football and Softball)

9:00 Varsity Football Group
        Football Cheer and Football Players
        Varsity Cheerleaders
        Class breakouts
        Sr Football players with Moms

            Inside for individuals as they finish outside

9:00 Inside MS Football and MS Cheer for those buying individuals or Ads

9:30 MS Goups and MS Cheer Outside for Groups

9:30 Jr Pro football and cheer inside for those buying individuals or Ads

10:00 Jr. Pro Groups outside

Ad pictures will be shot in with other pictures inside
      All ads are inside unless they are a large group more than 5 people

Gambrell is shipping forms to the school for all players, cheerleaders, softball, and ads.
We need each person or group having a picture taken to fill out a form before picture day.