"This is great. We viewed Jared and Emma's grades together, with them. They thought that was really cool. This is going to be great for setting goals and keeping a much closer track on how they are doing. They will know exactly where they stand after each test and project."
- P.L.

"I want to let you know how wonderful InforDirect is and I want to thank you. I will be up to date on my son's work and grades - no more excuses and no more; 'I have no homework.'"
- H.R.

"InfoDirect has been a wonderful tool for our family this year. It was reassuring to be able to view homework assignments and grades. Being able to check for missing work was a valuable asset. InfoDirect has made the communication between the school and us easier and more efficient."
- C.K.

"I had to leave town during the school year for one week, but was able to view my children's homework and grades from 300 miles away."
- M.P.