Dear Parents,

These are busy times. Trying to balance the demands of career and family is a daily challenge. Keeping up with your child's schoolwork can sometimes get pushed aside.

What if you could track your child's daily academic progress via the Internet at anytime and from nearly anywhere?

Or perhaps you would like to see the daily homework assignments for each class. Homework will never again be "forgotten."

Your school has incorporated one of the most powerful integrated database programs available to Christian schools - School Dynamics Systems.

SDS allows your school to make available to you a comprehsensive information connection rarely seen in Christian education. We call it InfoDirect™.

InfoDirect™ connects you 24/7 with a broad variety of personal services provided by your Christian school. It is password protected and updated regularly.

I invite you to become an InfoDirect™ user today.

Dr. Kris Bjorgen
Founder and President, School Dynamics Systems™

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